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Welcome to the ‘Lara’ Guide-Dog School Hellas website


Lara Guide Dog School Hellas is an associate member of the European Guide Dog Federation (EGDF). Our mission is to promote and enhance independence to blind and visually impaired people through the use of a guide dog. Lara is a non-profit organisation and all expenses for the training of guide dogs teams are derived exclusively from donations. Here, you can find useful information regarding our guide dog school and the services we offer. Hope you enjoy and we thank you for your interest!

The blind and visually impaired population in Hellas (Greece)

Lara volunteer team

Estimations vary, however the number of the visually impaired population is approximately 50.000 persons out of 11.000.000 (2,2% out of the general population). The need for orientation and mobility training is essential for getting those people acquainted with their surroundings. To this purpose, throughout the country there are five white cane mobility instructors. This factor, in addition to generic interaction problems with the physical environment (e.g., bad sidewalks, insufficient parking policy, confusing layout of buildings and outdoor areas, etc), results in the dependence of the blind and visually impaired population to sighted guides and assistants.

Lara Guide Dog School offers its Guide-Dogs and services completely free to the blind and visually impaired people in Greece. Lara Guide Dog School is dependent on donations coming from individuals, companies, enterprises and banks. Lara is appreciative of all the donations it receives!