Sponsors - Contributors

We couldn not keep making Lara Guide-Dog School Hellas the school it is without the help and the fractual encouragement of our sponsors and partners. A big thanks for their support!

Golden Sponsors

Stavros Niarchos Foundation logo The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (www.SNF.org), an international philanthropic organization, makes grants in the areas of arts and culture, education, health and medicine, and social welfare. While prominent in its support of Greek-related initiatives, the Foundation's activities are worldwide in scope. The Foundation funds institutions and projects that exhibit strong leadership and sound management and that have the potential to achieve a broad and lasting impact. We encourage grantees to collaborate, and we work closely with them to monitor their progress. In addition, the Foundation actively seeks to support projects that facilitate the formation of public-private partnerships as effective means for serving public welfare.

We thank you again for your generous sponsorship.
Alpha Bank logo For Alpha Bank, social responsibility is part of the governance and corporate culture developed through a system of values, targets and activities. For them, each individual and the respect of human values are the absolute priority. Together with the efficient management of the financial resources and the modernisation of technology, they constitute the guide for every transaction or communication with staff, customers and shareholders.

We thank you again for your generous sponsorship.


Labrador Retriever & Golden Retriever Breeders logo Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever Breeders
PLASTIKA KRITIS logo plastika kritis
Pancretan Cooperative Bank logo Pancretan Cooperative Bank
ΣΕΓΑΣ λογότυπο ΣΕΓΑΣ
Saint Laurence College, The Brittish School in Greece λογότυπο Saint Laurence
The International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) logo The International Guide Dog Federation
Verein für Blindenführhunde und Mobilitätshilfen - VBM logo Verein für Blindenführhunde und Mobilitätshilfen
TopHost logo tophost
Koutas - Kaniadakis accountants

Special thanks for our contributors

We want to express our appreciation for the generosity in support of all our contributors. Their unselfish commitment is always of use and allowing us to materialise our dream of improving the life and mobility of the blind and visually impaired persons while introducing the Guide-Dog movement in Hellas (Greece). Thank you from all of us (alphabetical):

  • Ms. Arkoulaki,
  • Ms. Zarkou,
  • Ms. Basdeki,
  • and many others!

Also, we would like to thank M.C. of Palmhill for their selective breeding of Golden and Labrador Retrievers which are donating to our School.