The school’s model

Our dogs are trained in their natural environment and live with their guide dog mobility instructors in their own home. This model ensures the welfare of the dogs in training (as they are living with their trainers and not isolated in a kennel environment) as well as their familiarization with the daily environment.

When a dog becomes a certified Guide-Dog, the training is continued in the home environment of the blind client. As a result our clients are supported on their daily routes and our instructors have the chance to observe and improve their mobility and orientation by the first session.

Application Process

When a blind or visually impaired person is interested in applying for a Guide-Dog, he/she will contact the school. A first interview will then take place at the candidate’s home, followed by an assessment. Then the client is able to fill in our application. Our school requires that the candidate is 18+, loves animals and has a good knowledge of orientation and mobility.

Our Dogs

We mainly use Labradors Retrievers and German Shepherds as well as cross breeds.

a photo of May!