• We have been able to contribute in the voting of the first National Law, which allows Guide-Dog access in public transport, public and private places and restaurants (Law 3868/10, Law 4238/14, and Law 4235/14)
  • Educate the Greek people to recognize and accept guide – dog teams. Today, Greeks are aware of what a guide dog is and that they must not distract a guide – dog while working.
  • Highly train six guide – dog teams up to now. Today six visually impaired people are free and see through the eyes of their guide –dogs. Lara also trained two dogs as assistant dogs.
  • Maintain a fully accessible website which is fully accessible for visually impaired persons.
  • Lara Guide Dog School one of the first organizations worldwide to hold an electronic identification record for its certified guide – dog teams
  • Being in continuous presence and contact with the media and the public all over the country (press releases, interviews, presentations, talks and fundraising events).

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